Love and wisdom!

Hello friends and visitors,
I received the following text from a beautiful sweet lady who is very dear to me and for whom I feel a lot of love!

I hope you enjoy these six stories. They are so small that it will only take you a minute to read them.

  1. – One day the men of the city decided to pray for it to rain. On the day of prayer, all the people gathered. but only a child with an umbrella.
    That is FAITH.
  2. – If you throw a baby in the air and he smiles, it is because he knows you will catch him again.
    That is TRUST
  3. – Every night we go to sleep, without the certainty that we will live the next morning and yet we set the alarm to get up.
    That’s HOPE
    4 – We make big plans for tomorrow, even though we don’t know the future at all.
    That’s SAFETY
  4. – We see the suffering in the world and nevertheless we get married and have children.
    That is LOVE
  5. – There was an old man with the following legend written on his shirt: “I am not 70, I am 16 with 54 years of experience”.
    That is ATTITUDE
    Live your life like this, with faith, trust, hope, security, love and attitude !!!
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